DUI School / Risk Reduction Program

Jones Risk Reduction DUI schools offer the best option for DUI/Risk Reduction classes in Augusta GA.


The Georgia Risk Reduction Program consists of two (2) components: the Assessment Component and the 20-hour Intervention Component. The assessment Component consists of a questionnaire, the results of which are used by the Instructor of your Intervention Component to address issues concerning your beliefs and behaviors related to drugs and alcohol and driving. The results of your Assessment Component are confidential, and will not appear on your driving history.

Students must arrive on time for all session of the 20-hour class. An excused absence includes, but is not necessarily limited to, emergency military leave, a medical emergency involving a student or an immediate family member thereof, the death of a student’s immediate family member, or a bona fide emergency documented in writing and approved by the Program Director or Owner. NO REFUNDS otherwise as indicated in the students contract which is signed at the day of registration.

The course Fee is $ 360.00 set by The State of Georgia and must be paid at sign-up or at least the day before the class is scheduled to start.

Methods of Payment

After completion of the class, a certificate of completions will be emailed or can be picked up the next day by the student or the student’s designated representative. Identification must be shown to receive the certificate in person from someone other than the student.

Certificate of Completion will either be emailed to you the next business day or will be available for you to pick up the next business day.

The DDS rules and regulation forbid late entry to any session of the course, so we suggest you arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to each session.

DT - 337                 RRP - 1034                 DI - 957                 IIP - 1067