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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most asked questions from over the years, to help with your need to know process.

However, if you have further questions, please call 706.364.6238 or email us at

We will get you the answer ASAP, and thank you for considering JONES DRIVER EDUCATION.


In addition to learning valuable information on highway safety, defensive driving techniques and up-to-date traffic laws, our DDS approved course is good for an insurance discount. Almost all insurance companies offer some type of discount for taking a course with a licensed school/instructor rather than an online course or other means of Driver’s Education. Discounts can range from 10% to 25 % for a student 18 years old and younger, however check with your insurance agent before deciding on which course is best to save the most money. Upon successful completion of both the classroom session and the 6 hours of required driving, students receive a certificate of completion which satisfies Joshua’s Law and proof to insurance companies for the discount.

As required by the Department of Driver Services (DDS) students must attend all 30 hours of the classroom time.  While in the classroom students learn all aspects of safe and defensive driving techniques using the State approved “Drive Right” course curriculum. 15 chapters of material is covered and on the last day of class a written final exam is administered, students must score with a grade of 70 or better for completion. This course is designed for the first time driver as well as those ready for their Class “D” license. We enhanced this course with discussions about real life driving situations in the classroom, along with o video’s, puzzles and class discussions on the proper driving techniques and procedures.

Yes, frequent breaks are given during classroom hours. Microwaveable food items and other refreshments may be purchased for snacks in our break room.  Outside food items are not permitted to be delivered to the school or ordered from delivery places. As mandated by the Department of Driver Services outside distractions will not be permitted once class has started. There is also no place to store food items for home or other places because space is limited. 

Students are allowed to make up missed class hours to meet the 30 hour requirement with the next class provided there is room. Ideally the student would attend the class session during which the missed chapters are covered. During the summer session classes are full but space is allowed for those having to make up time.

Yes. Students who have not yet received a learner’s permit are encouraged to take the classroom portion of the class to help with the passing of the permit test at the Department of Driver Services. As expected driving times cannot start until a valid learner’s permit is obtained.

There is no set schedule for driving times. Appointments  are subject to availability and also depends on what is convenient for you. A driving availability form is sent home with the student  for parents to give us best contact phone numbers as well as days and times their  child can be at the school  lessons.  We do four (4) one and a half hour drives or three (3) two ( 2)  hour drives to complete the six hours of required driving. Driving schedules for classes completing the classroom begin ASAP.

Only the student taking the driving lesson is in the car with the certified/licensed instructor during the lesson. Having another student in the car has proven to be a distraction and could cause the driving student a problem while trying to focus on the driving task.

After deciding on a class Schedule, you can call the office and give us the information or you may register using our on line pre-registration form. The pre-registration form allows us to receive your information quickly and also lets us know that you are interested in the course. After a pre-registration form is received , we contact the parent or guardian in order to verify  sincere interest in the  one of our classes on the schedules page. Please note that a pre-registration form does not guarantee a spot in the class. At least a $150.00 non refundable deposit or payment in full gives you the place in your class. Please do not put any credit card informationon your pre-registration formCredit cards are accepted, however a $5.00 dollar service charge is assessed in person or over the phone, debit cards cannot be accepted over the phone.  Jones  Drivers Education accepts, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, local checks and cash as payments. Our hours of operation is from 10:30 am until 6:30pm, however someone is in the office at 8:30am routinely  Monday through Friday. 

Pick up is available for an additional fee. The fee is assessed according to the relative driving distance from the driving school.

Driving lessons are available, we offer 1 (one) hour and a half lessons or a block of  6(six) lessons at a reduced price. Pricing for lessons is located under the courses tab on the home page, which includes all types of different  driving packages to meet your needs.

The exact time a night lesson begins depends on daylight savings time. In the summer months night driving begin at 8pm and no later than 8:15  and end  a hour and a half later. In the winter, night driving lessons start at dusk , around 5:30pm or 6:00.

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